Point72 + Tiingo Portfolio Competition

Point72 is inventing the future of finance, starting with how we recruit and train our investment professionals. We’re looking for talent in a new way by partnering with Tiingo to host a simulated portfolio competition.

Sign up for this ten-week contest for the chance to change your career trajectory. You’ll have the opportunity to show off your research skills and thought-provoking investing ideas – and potentially get hired into the Point72 Academy.

The competition starts today and ends May 14.

Interested? Sign up now!

Our competition goes beyond absolute returns and evaluates you on a combination of factors – how well you conduct research, manage risk, and produce returns. Top performers will have the opportunity to connect with a Point72 professionalor interview for a spot in the Academy.

To learn more about eligibility, how to enter, how to win, and how Tiingo protects your data, click here.