Stretch - Top Female Mentorship Opportunity

We’re on a mission to connect women* with their dream mentors for 30-minute informational calls. Is there someone you'd like to meet who can help you achieve your career goals (of any gender, and in any field/industry)?

We’ve connected women to some amazing mentors already: a political activist to the former Deputy Chief of Staff for President Obama, an aspiring museum curator to a director of the Smithsonian, and a rising climate change activist to the youngest Member of Parliament leading the charge on drug and environmental policy in New Zealand.

To meet your dream mentors today, please apply at this link. Because we’re excited to have SWIB members join our community, we’ll fast-track your application to the top of our list. Simply let us know you heard about Stretch from SWIB in our survey. We look forward to stretching with you!

*Stretch is committed to enhancing opportunity for marginalized people, including anyone who identifies with the female experience. If this sounds like you, we welcome you to our community.