Apeel - Regulatory Compliance Intern

If you are interested, please apply using the link above in addition to reaching out to monica.bi@apeelsciences.com

Job Description

Controlled documents (e.g., Standard Operating Procedures) are integral elements of Apeel’s research & development, manufacturing, and commercial operations as they are required by law, are used to train employees, and ensure quality products for our customers. Apeel Sciences is seeking an intern who is obsessed with organization, technical editing, building intuitive workflows, and who is hyper detail-oriented to lead the planning and implementation of a new controlled document system that will also satisfy US Food and Drug Administration regulations.

About Apeel Sciences

In the United States, over a third of all the food we grow is lost to spoilage and wasted before we can eat it. In the developing world, more than half of all produce is lost to spoilage before it can be consumed. Apeel Sciences creates agricultural solutions inspired by and derived from nature for growers to protect their crops and increase the shelf life of harvested fresh produce. We are committed to being a technological and environmental trailblazer at the interface between the agricultural, materials science, chemistry, biotechnology, and engineering industries to eliminate food waste and reduce reliance on pesticides. Our mission is to enable widespread, positive impacts through the development of high-performance pre- and post-harvest products and processes that conserve our precious natural resources and safeguard the Earth’s delicate ecological balance.