Junior Engineer role @ Atrium 

Please reach out directly to pchilton@a16z.com if you are interested!

Junior Engineer role @ Atrium 

As a Software Engineer, you will have a unique opportunity to build tools that our lawyers and their clients will use on a daily basis.

Your work will be impactful by helping to automate thousands of hours of legal work. Tools and new features may be implemented in a matter of a day, and fast iteration is ideal to make the tools more useful and efficient.

We are using modern techniques such as deep learning to work with documents and emails to help classify, extract from and summarize intelligently. Atrium is a fast-growing company with leadership opportunities available to you as the team continues to expand.

What You’ll Get to Do:

  • Develop full stack web applications and future mobile apps in Ruby on Rails, React, and TypeScript/JavaScript

  • Work closely with our cross-functional team including lawyers to define features and build powerful and easy to use products, including internal and client-facing workflow tools

  • Write clean and scalable APIs and the backend that our products depend on

  • Integrate with existing legal technology products that we and others have developed

  • Help develop effective processes for ensuring our products have quality code and minimal defects

  • Collaborate with top engineers and receive mentorship

What You Need to be Successful:

  • Experience developing full stack web applications, demonstrated through personal projects, coursework, and/or internships

  • Basic proficiency in Ruby, JavaScript, or a similar language like Python

  • Prior experience designing and building APIs is helpful 

  • Excellent English communication skills to collaborate with a service-oriented team (articulate; good listener)

  • Strong ability to effectively identify and solve challenging problems (problem solver)

  • Great teammate

  • Other key attributes: resourceful, results-driven, and committed to quality