ICONIQ Strategic Partners, Full Time & Internship

Analyst at Technology-Focused Growth-Stage Investment Fund

ICONIQ Strategic Partners (“ISP”) is a $3.5B growth equity platform based in San Francisco and part of ICONIQ Capital, a multi-family office serving some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology entrepreneurs, including Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Reid Hoffman, Dustin Moskovitz and Jack Dorsey. Pursuing an “Entrepreneurs backing Entrepreneurs" strategy, we invest $15M-$200M+ in leading technology companies and partner with the CEOs / founders to help these organizations become market leaders. Examples of companies we’ve invested in include Uber, The Honest Company, Sprinklr, Procore, DocuSign, kCura, GoFundMe, BlackLine, Coupa and Alibaba. We make investments both domestically and internationally (e.g., Australia, China, India, the Netherlands). 

We are actively looking to grow our team and bring on individuals who are bright, proactive, motivated, ambitious, competitive, friendly, outgoing, creative and above all – hungry to learn. Our program is a twoyear program that will give analysts boundless opportunities to explore the world through the lens of technology. The role will primarily be focused on identifying fast-growing technology companies by performing market research and attending conferences, developing direct relationships with CEOs, completing customer diligence calls and building investment acumen. At ISP, you will be encouraged to pursue your intellectual curiosity and surface market trends, companies, ideas, geographies and perform due diligence on potential investments that you believe merit consideration. Analysts who fall in love with the work and perform exceptionally well will have the opportunity for a longer career path within the organization. 

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Pooja Ramesh