Stanford Daily Chief Operating Officer

The COO leads a 20-25 person business team, oversees day-to-day operations, and manages a $1M annual operating budget. The COO is a member of The Daily's nine-person Board of Directors consisting of both professionals and students. Past COO’s have gone on to work for Google, DocuSign, TechCrunch, Oculus, Morgan Stanley, Bain & Company and Facebook.

Lead Business Staff

  • Develop and execute corporate strategy for the business division
  • Manage 20-25 person business team  - including VP of Sales, Account Manager, Controller, Business Associates and Newspaper Distributors
  • Spearhead alternative revenue streams to transform The Daily’s business mode

Oversee Operations

  • Ensure that the day-to-day operations of The Daily run smoothly
  • Coordinating meetings for the Daily’s Board of Directors and act as point of contact for University administration, corporate partners, alumni
  • Perform administrative and human resource tasks

Manage Financials

  • Set and control a $1,000,000 annual operating budget
  • Collaborate with finance staff to prepare corporate financial documents
  • Present P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet reports to monthly Board of Directors meetings


Seeking recent or 2016 Stanford graduate from any department

Must Be:

  • Committed to role for 1-2 years
  • Extremely self-directed, detail-oriented, and willing to take initiative
  • Able to work well with both students and adult professionals  
  • Ready to make tough decisions in uncertain environment

Please email with resume. Cover letter recommended, but not required.