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The Global Internship Program offers the opportunity for students to secure all-important work experience and includes skillset-boosting career workshops, a professional network and ultimately, career-readiness.

This year’s program sees a high number of internship opportunities for students exploring a career in Marketing, Advertising & PR. Career readiness is of particular importance to students interested in this industry; employers expect well-rounded applicants with technical skills across social media, analysis, creative projects and development.

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Internship Opportunities in Marketing, Advertising & PR
Our team has compiled a selection of twelve available Marketing, Advertising & PR vacancies across London, Los Angeles, New York and Sydney in print-ready format.

These opportunities only represent a small portion of the internship vacancies that we have on offer on the Global Internship Program.

View the vacancies here:
Industry Guide: Marketing, Advertising & PR
At City Internships we strive to ensure that every single stage of the placement process is as strong as possible; this includes preparing students for every interview. The purpose of this industry guide is to provide students with guidance to ensure success at interview stage with our partner companies.

Read our guide to Marketing, Advertising & PR here:

The document includes information for students to develop a good understanding of the Marketing, Advertising & PR industry, understand the job market and roles available and help them to prepare their resume for opportunities in the sector.

Updated 2016 Program Prospectus
Please see our updated 2016 Program Prospectus here:

The Prospectus neatly summarizes our programs across London, Los Angeles, New York and Sydney with an included curriculum timeline, alumni stories, information on accommodation and much more.